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K25.13.002 Dissertation Council on specialty «25.00.10 - Geophysics, geophysical methods of searches of minerals» for PhD theses of physical and mathematical and geological-mineralogical sciences accepts a preliminary review of dissertations and abstracts,designed in accordance with the Instructions on registration and abstracts of theses and with the documents on the established list (Annex 6 of the Regulations HAC KR)After discussions on the place of work(extract from the Minutes of the meeting).

For any questions contact the Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council, Ph.D. Kamchybekov Murataly Pakirovichu, tel. (+996 312) 52 14 51, or on the website of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic - www.vak.kg

For candidates of foreign states to review the thesis for the protection of our dissertation council should consult with an official letter from their country to the HAC HAC chairman of the Kyrgyz Republic, Corr., Professor Abdrakhmanov Mavlyanova Subankulovichu. with the appropriate provisions of Appendix 3 HAC list of documents of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The documents submitted by the applicant 's degree in Dissertation Council (Annex 6 to the Regulations on the Dissertation Council).

  1. Statement by the applicant.
  2. Personal sheet for accounting staff (profile), a photo, a certified place of work (2 copies.).
  3. A duly certified copy of the document of higher professional education for the applicant the degree of Candidate of Sciences (for persons who have been trained abroad, including citizens of CIS countries, - additional copies of the certificate of equivalence issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, 2- copies), a certified copy of the diploma of candidate of sciences for the applicant the degree of Doctor of Science (for persons who received a degree abroad, including citizens of CIS countries - additional copies of the equivalence, in 2 copies).
  4. Extract from the minutes of the candidate examinations to the applicant the degree of Candidate of Sciences (2 copies).
  5. Abstracts and dissertations in the number of copies required for the transfer to the library organization, which was created dissertation council, opponents and leading organizations (enterprises)
  6. The conclusion of the organization where the dissertation was performed or to which was attached the applicant, indicating when and by whom approved the theme of the thesis (2 copies.). The conclusion drawn in the form of an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the department (laboratory sector department), approved by the head of the organization, the seal of the organization.
  7. Characteristics, which assesses the scientific, educational, or industrial activity of the applicant, issued by the main place of work for submission to the Dissertation Council, signed by the head of the organization and sealed with the official stamp indicating the date of issue (2 copies.).
  8. Extract from the minutes of the Academic Council on the approval of the dissertation topic and the supervisor (scientific consultant) (2 copies.).
  9. Review of the supervisor or academic advisor (2 copies.).
  10. Acts of implementation (2 copies.).
  11. List of scientific papers, certified at the place of work (2 copies.).
  12. The originals of published works or copies certified by the scientific secretary of the Dissertation Council (1 ind.).
  13. Four postcards with stamps, name and address of the applicant (two cards) and dissertation council, which protected the dissertation (two cards). On the reverse side of the card with the address of the Dissertation Council in the upper corner of the surname, name and patronymic of the applicant and the academic degree to which it applies.

Evaluation criteria and requirements for dissertations granted for the degree.

  • The main results of PhD thesis should be reflected in no less than 7 publications (excluding abstracts, deposited manuscripts and newspaper articles), including at least 4 article - recommended by the Commission in peer-reviewed journals, including 1 publication - in foreign scientific publishing (except theses carried out in the field of linguistics Kyrgyz, Kyrgyz literature, techniques of the Kyrgyz language and literature). Among the scientific papers should be at least 3 of individual publications.
  • In one edition of the organ may be published no more than two articles of the applicant.
  • Recent publications must be published no later than 3 months before the submission of the thesis to the Dissertation Council.