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Head:  Berёzina Anna Viktorovna

Structure of the CD:

  • Seismic data processing sector (SDPS).
  • Sector and Information Support System (SISS).
  • Archive IS NAS KR.

In total, the state of CD working 24 people.

History of creation:Computerisation of the Institute of Seismology was launched in 1980 in establishing the computer system CPI-4. At the same time created a database of seismic, hydro-geochemical and hydrogeodynamic observations in machine-readable form (punch cards). On February 1, 1987 created the Party of the automated processing of data seysmogeofizicheskih, PAOSGD (from 1987 to 1988 Head - Green TP, from 1988 to 1997 - a. M. N. Moldobekov K. M.) and as a result begins systematic equipment Institute for Computer Science and the actual transition to the automated processing of the data observations. In 1997 PAOSGD was renamed the Computing Center (Head - Chekhov R.A.), and in 2008, according to the international standards in the data center IS NAS KR (Head - Berёzina A.V.). It should be noted that from 2002 on the basis of CSD IS NAS operates the National Data Center NDC093 Treaty Organization Comprehensive Nuclear-Test (CTBTO).

Moldobekov K. M. Chekhov R.A. Berёzina A.V.

Main activities:

  1. Keeping bank seismological data.
  2. Processing records of seismic events.
  3. Identification of the main parameters of earthquakes and creating a catalog of earthquakes.
  4. Defining the parameters of industrial explosions, creating a catalog of industrial explosions.
  5. Creating a catalog micro tremors.
  6. Spectral analysis, the creation of a directory of dynamic parameters.
  7. Mapping of earthquake epicenters.
  8. Backup.
  9. Exchange of data with international data centers.

The purpose of the work: build integrated bank seismic, magnetometric, hydrogeochemical, hydrogeodynamic data coming c observation stations IS NAS KR. Also in CD IS NAS KR made operational and analytical processing of seismic data within the coordinates 39º 00 '- 44º 00' N and 69º 00 - 81º 00 'E, which includes the territory of Kyrgyzstan and adjacent areas of neighboring countries. Defines the value of basic and dynamic parameters occurred in the territory of seismic events. Created an integrated database is the foundation for further scientific research laboratories of the Institute of Seismology, National Academy of Sciences, including the assessment of seismic hazard in Kyrgyzstan and adjacent regions.

Working time




Key achievements:

  • Catalogue of earthquakes in Kyrgyzstan from 250 BC (macroseismic data) to the present.
  • Catalog micro tremors.
  • Catalog of industrial and nuclear explosions.

International cooperation: CD IS NAS KR closely cooperates with the following Kyrgyz and international organizations:

  • Seismological Service of Norway, NORSAR (Keller, Norway).
  • CTBTO Preparatory Commission (CTBTO) (Vienna, Austria) on the joint operation of the auxiliary station IMS AS060 (Ala-Archa) and participation in the monitoring of nuclear tests.
  • Consortium IRIS (San Diego, USA) on joint exploitation of a network of seismic stations AAK10 IRIS / IDA «Ala-Archa" according to the development of a Memorandum of Understanding. Within the framework of scientific and technical cooperation with IRIS Corporation carried out the work on the transmission of data in real time from the network stations KRNET the International Data Centre.
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations (Kyrgyzstan). In urgent mode the transmission of data on earthquakes that occurred on the territory of Kyrgyzstan and in the border areas.
  • International Seismological Centre ISC ( Thatcham, United Kingdom). It transmits to the ISC preliminary and final ballot earthquakes in Kyrgyzstan and in the border areas.
  • Federal State Institution of Science, the research station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek (RS RAS). Conducted scientific and technical advice, data exchange, as well as members of the National Assembly of the RAS provide technical assistance on obtaining data network KNET.
  • Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Science (GS RAS, Obninsk, Russia) on the exchange of operational information on the occurrence of earthquakes, according to the concluded agreements on cooperation.
  • Central - Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences' CAIAG "(Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) for the exchange of data and for the scientific and technical advice under the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation.
  • Institute of Geophysical Research of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Data Center IGR (KNTSD)) (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Within the framework of scientific cooperation and data exchange of seismic data, performed scientific and technical advice.
  • Gov. institution "Seismological Experimental and Methodical Expedition Committee of Science, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (KH Someya Monk RK) (Almaty, Kazakhstan) for the exchange of seismic, magnetic and hydro-geochemical data .
  • Institute of Seismology them. G. Mavlyanova (Tashkent. Uzbekistan) for the exchange of seismic data according to the signed "Agreement on the exchange of scientific and technical information in the field of seismology to address a wide range of scientific and applied problems".