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Head: doctor of physical and and mathematical sciences, Abdirashit Murkamilovich Muraliev.

The laboratory was established in 1975 (head of the laboratory was a Ph.D., V.P. Green). During the period from 1976 to 1989 (Ph. D. Sc., Ilyasov B.I.) for the period 1990-2009. (to .g. th. n., Omuraliev M.O.). Since 2008, the laboratory in charge Dr., Muraliev A.M.

 A.M. Muraliev Omuraliev M.O. Ilyasov B.I.

Basic scientific research focuses on earthquake prediction.

Area of research laboratories:

  • The earthquake.
  • Seismicity and seismic regime.
  • Seismogeodynamics.

Working time

Objective:   continuation of the study of earthquake focal mechanisms and seismic regime in Kyrgyzstan and seismically active areas for the development of seismic methods for earthquake prediction.

The main objectives are:

  • organization of mass processing MO earthquakes of Tien Shan with high information technology; definition and compilation of a database of Earthquake Defense Central Asia and preparing them for publication in the annual compilation of "Earthquakes of Northern Eurasia" GS RAS (Obninsk). Assessment of DoD definition of representativeness of earthquakes in Kyrgyzstan and seismically active zones is performed taking into account the use of digital processing of seismic records.
  • In determining the total seismic situation in Kyrgyzstan and seismically active zones a lot of attention paid to the classification of the types of earthquake motions in earthquake, seismic isolation periods of calm and seismic activity on statistics of earthquakes, the study mikrotolchkov around digital seismic stations. Solution of the problem of determining the seismic gaps 1st and 2nd birth place helps identify potential future earthquakes, clarifying the boundaries of geographic location vysokoseysmichnyh, slaboseysmichnyh nizkoseysmichnyh areas and study area.
  • Solution forecasting tasks requires matching parameters of the seismic regime parameters of hydrochemical and hydrodynamic surveys and other physical phenomena related to seismic processes. General procedure of the work aimed at the development of seismological methods of earthquake prediction.

Since 2013, the laboratory performed the international ISTC project (# KR-2011), on which there are quarterly reports. Written and published a number of scientific articles. Currently, the project (# KR-2011) continues.